We can produce pressure vessels with material as Cr-Mo steel、Monel、clad steel and so on . For example: clad steel vessel Acetone tower.
High efficiency heat exchanger
    High efficiency heat exchanger is a new generation exchanger using in petroleum chemical industy to condensate、cool or heat the medium. Sponsored and organized by Shanghai Economy Committee, and developed and fabricated by science reserch institute and manufactorty, and appraised by experts, running tested by Shanghai Refinery, Gaoqiao Chemical Industry Factory, Tianyuan Chemical Industry Factory, this exchanger is prooved having high efficiency, small bulk, and light Weight, long service life, and having the ability of self-cleaning which overcome the general shortcomings of the exchanger. And this product was awarded Shanghai 92 Science Advancement Award.
YPV type polymerizing kettle
    YPV type polymerizing kettle is the key equipment producing polypropylene using the intermission liquid noumenon method. The nominal volume is 12cubic meters. The output of one kettle can be over 3 tons. We made optimize design at the following aspects: enhance the heat transmit coefficient and shorten the reaction time, ensure the reliability of the hermetic of the shaft and reduce the energy consume of the shaft.
The polymerizing kettle we developed has been prolonged the service life, enhanced the effort of heat exchange, increased the exchange area. And thus can guarantee the heat transmit speed after adding the high efficiency activator, and shorten the reaction time greatly.
Cryogenic liquid storage
    CF、ZCF series storage are double layer vaccum powder insulation cryogenic liquid storage, including vertical and horizonal type. They are used to store LO2, LN2, LAr and LCO2. These products have long service life, compacted structure, less occupied land, easy maintenance and operation. Our DCL、DCW series procucts have these advantages:
* High speed self booster system. The system can reach required pressure, without outer energy, and output high purity liquid or gas.
* Booster system has two return circuit, which ensures not exceeding the safety voltage and effective discharge moment high pressure through saving valve.
*Computer low temperature liquid level gauge, which can directly show liquid capacity and level.
* Efficacious pearl sand filling technology and good vaccum technology ensure the heat insulation.
* Daily evaporation rate reaches advanced level of domestic and international. We can supply cryogenic storage of different pressure and capacity for you need.
Cryogenic liquid tank wagon
    Cryogenic liquid tank wagon is mainly used for cryogenic liquid conveyance and is an ideal facility for liquefied gas conveyance. Compared with gas cylinder, cryogenic liquid tank wagon has such advantages as high efficiency, time and power saving, decreased frequency for conveyance.
Cryogenic liquid tank wagon is composed of :
* Vaccum powder insulation storage with advantage of small evaporation loss and safety.
* Reffited vehicle chassis or trailer chassis.
* Operation box. Pipeline control valve are settled in operation box.
* Booster (or low temperature liquid pump, choosed by customers)
* Metal hose and hose box, which are used for low temperature liquid conveyance.